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Friday, 6 May 2011


The next prayer meeting at West Ham against the proposed 'megamosque' - and for our nation is Saturday 7th May.  Start 10.30am.  We finish at 12.30pm.
Tablighi Jamaat's unlawful mosque site at West Ham
The planning appeal by Tablighi Jamaat to continue using land at West Ham as a mosque has ended. The appeal was brought against an enforcement notice served on the group by the London Borough of Newham, requiring them to stop using the site for public worship.
The appeal finished on Tuesday 1st March and the Planning Inspector is due to deliver a verdict in mid-May - within days.  So this is a crucial prayer meeting.

Christian Voice members have been meeting for prayer on the Greenway overlooking the site on the first Saturday of every month without fail since January 2007.  I believe that it is because we have added some action to our prayer - by going down to the site - that the Lord has seen that our prayer is serious and responded to it.  Numbers have rarely fallen below ten, and there has been constant prayer for confusion in the mosque camp. The Lord has honoured our prayer with powerful answers, as Tablighi Jamaat have failed to meet deadlines, sacked and replaced architects and PR people and held a disastrous open day.

Prayer. The Tablighi Jamaat site is to the left of the picture

Their intended "megamosque" cannot now be built in time for the Olympic games, so that is a triumph in itself. We would have taken that when we started in January 2007, but now we are encouraged to press on and press in. This May prayer meeting is crucial as we pray for the Planning Inspector utterly to reject the Tablighi Jamaat proposals, that their appeal fail and that they cease the unlawful use of the site, which lies between the District Line side of West Ham Station and Channel Sea House, as a place of worship.

COME ALONG:  7th May 2011 and every first Saturday in the month thereafter.  Meet at the site where the Greenway pedestrian path crosses Canning Road.  Aim for Channel Sea House, E15 3ND.  We start at 10.30am and finish at 12.30pm.
West Ham Station is on the Fenchurch Street line to Southend, and on the Hammersmith and City, District and Jubilee underground lines.  Check at Transport for London for 'planned engineering works' to the Tube.
From West Ham Station, turn right out of the station, turn right along Manor Road, under the railway bridge, under the Greenway bridge and if on foot turn left into Leywick Street, then left into Abbey Road then left into Canning Road, which is where we shall be, where the Greenway crosses Canning Road.  If coming by car, turn into Mitre Road which becomes Abbey Road, but you will need to park in Leywick Street or take a chance and park at Channel Sea House.

PLEASE COME and stand up for Christ whatever the weather and be challenged and blessed!  (Phil 1:27-29).  The meeting is always a great time of fellowship.

PRAY: That there is a good turn-out with powerful prayer for our nation at these West Ham prayer meetings.  Pray that the Tablighi Jamaat appeal will fail.  Pray that all the enemies of the Lord will stumble and fall.  We are under threat from both Secularism and Islam.  Who is on the Lord's side?  Come along and stand with us!

BEHOLD, the LORD's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear. (Isa 59:1)
AND the most proud shall stumble and fall. (Jer 50:32)
AND HE increased his people greatly and made them stronger than their enemies. (Psalm 105:24)
READ: 2Chron 20 and be encouraged!

(Check out other relevant Bible passages, find computer Bibles and download a one-year reading plan HERE)

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