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Tuesday, 24 May 2011


First-Saturday Prayer Campaign continues at West Ham “Mega Mosque” site as Islamists are allowed to defy planning rules in Government Inspector’s decision

Cross community campaigners for social cohesion in Newham have condemned the decision of a government planning inspector to allow Islamic group, Tablighi Jamaat, permission to breach planning laws. In a ruling, the inspector authorised the radical group to continue using the current temporary mosque on the site of their proposed Olympic mega-mosque at West Ham. Local opposition association Newham Concern say the decision will provide succour to Islamic radicals and will further boost the capital's reputation as "Londonistan". 

“For years Tablighi Jamaat have deliberately flouted building regulations and planning laws”, said Alan Craig, Newham Concern’s campaign director and former leader of the Opposition on Newham Council for the Christian Peoples Alliance party:
Tablighi Jamaat's unlawful mosque site at West Ham
“After much delay and procrastination Newham Council at last took the right action and told them to move off site. But the Planning Inspector has overturned this and apparently decided that illegality pays. They can now stay on site with temporary planning permission for a further two years.“

Temporary planning permission was granted in 2001, but expired in 2006, since when the group have continued to use the site. Newham Council had accepted local wishes for the temporary facility, which consists of pre-fabricated and demountable buildings, to be shut down amid fears over traffic levels, land contamination and visual impact.
But in a decision notice, planning inspector Graham Dudley granted Tabliqi Jamaat’s request to remain, despite admitting harm would be caused to the area and there being a history of non-compliance with planning guidelines. He said the “substantial need” for religious facilities and the scarcity of land and finances for new community buildings outweighed the negative factors. 

“This is ominous for the future development of this key site. It is unjust, as the rest of us are expected to act within the law of the land or we get penalised”, said Alan Craig. “And it is divisive as it puts Tablighi Jamaat in a privileged protected position. Nonetheless our campaign will continue and we will up our opposition. East London is a great place to live and for the sake of our tolerant diverse east London communities, we cannot allow their massive monument to separatism, bigotry and misogyny to be constructed.”

At the public inquiry, Newham Concern called two Muslim experts as specialist witnesses to highlight the fundamentalist and socially harmful nature of the sect. Dr Taj Hargey of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford publicly criticised TJ for its promotion of hard-line separatism and intolerance.Tehmina Kazi of British Muslims for Secular Democracy testified to TJ’s misogyny and refusal to open their current facilities to women. 

Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) are a controversial Islamic sect whose followers have been linked to a number of planned and actual terrorist atrocities. The Inquiry also heard that intelligence assessments by US and French security agencies have found that TJ mosques foster separatism and extremism.

Christian Voice will continue its campaign of prayer against the building of the 'megamosque' and for repentance in our nation on Saturday 4th June from 10.30am to 12.30pm.  All Christian believers are very welcome to join us.

Christian Voice members have been meeting for prayer on the Greenway overlooking the site on the first Saturday of every month without fail since January 2007. E15 3ND

Prayer. The Tablighi Jamaat site is to the left of the picture
 COME ALONG:  4th June 2011 and every first Saturday in the month thereafter.  Meet at the site where the Greenway pedestrian path crosses Canning Road.  Aim for Channel Sea House.

West Ham Station is on the Fenchurch Street line to Southend, and on the Hammersmith and City, District and Jubilee underground lines.  Check at Transport for London for 'planned engineering works' to the Tube.

From West Ham Station, turn right out of the station, turn right along Manor Road, under the railway bridge, under the Greenway bridge and if on foot turn left into Leywick Street, then left into Abbey Road then left into Canning Road, which is where we shall be, where the Greenway crosses Canning Road.  If coming by car, turn into Mitre Road which becomes Abbey Road, but you will need to park in Leywick Street or take a chance and park at Channel Sea House.

PLEASE COME and stand up for Christ whatever the weather and be challenged and blessed!  (Phil 1:27-29).  The meeting is always a great time of fellowship.

PRAY: That there is a good turn-out with powerful prayer for our nation.  Pray that God will bless our nation with repentance and that His enemies, whether Secularist or Islamic, will be converted to the cause of Christ, or that their plans will come to nothing before our holy and awesome God.  Who is on the Lord's side?  Come along and stand with us!

BEHOLD, the LORD's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear. (Isa 59:1)

BUT they had heard only, That he which persecuted us in times past now preacheth the faith which once he destroyed.  And they glorified God in me.  (Gal 1:23-24) 

(Check out other relevant Bible passages, find computer Bibles and download a one-year reading plan HERE)

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