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Monday, 16 May 2011


When the uprising began in Egypt I said that the things that are happening in the Arab world would not be good for Israel.

I imagined it would be the emergence of more strongly-Islamic governments which would threaten Israel's existence. That may yet happen. It certainly did not occur to me that Muslim militants, emboldened by their defiance of their own governments, would attempt their own invasion of Israel. And yet that is what we are seeing now on the Golan Heights and the border with Lebanon.

It seems Palestinian supporters are marking what they call the Catastrophe (in Arabic, the Nakba). The 'Catastrophe' to them is the founding of the state of Israel on 14th May 1948.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said there was an "unsustainable status quo in the Arab-Israeli conflict, which is only thrown into sharper relief by the profound political changes now under way in the region." An interesting choice of words.

He called for a 'renewed effort to reach comprehensive peace in the region', but there can be no peace between Israel and those who claim she should not even exist.

The BBC's Jim Muir has observed that in the past, Syria prevented Palestinian protesters from getting anywhere near the sensitive Golan border. He observes that the Syrian regime may well see a useful purpose in allowing protests at the border. It will divert attention from its internal troubles and burnish its nationalist credentials of resistance to Israel, he says.

Similarly, Muir says that if Hezbollah had not wanted the display of Palestinian refugee militancy on the south Lebanon border to happen, it would not have happened. In contrast, Jordan has something like 2 million Palestinian refugees on its soil, yet there were no incidents on their border simply because the Jordanian government did not want it to happen.

On Question Time on 5th May, Paddy, Lord, Ashdown and Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond MP were commenting on the death of Osama Bin Laden. Ashdown came out with the establishment line that Islam is a religion of peace while Hammond contrasted Al Qaeda with what he referred to as the Arab Spring.

With the Muslim brotherhood quietly behind both of them, these are two sides of the same coin. Events on the border with Israel have perfectly demonstrated this fact. Hammond also said that the "Arab Spring" was a popular uprising. Whether or not that is true we still know that George Soros has bankrolled it out of his fanatical support for democracy at all costs.

Less than three weeks ago, at the Royal wedding, we heard Parry's anthem 'I was glad'. In that anthem, we were encouraged to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. (Psalm 122:6) Those prayers are now needed more than ever.
WRITE: to your MP at: House of Commons, London,SW1A 0AA. Ask your MP to ask the Foreign Secretary what the United Kingdom is doing to support Israel's right to defend her borders and to bring the protests to an end.


  1. I do not think that a few hundred demonstrators pose any threat to the Israel nuclear state, blindly backed by USA. Christians in West Bank, Egypt, Gaza, and other Middle East countries want israel to return to the pre 1967 borders and end its illegal occupation and the builing of more and more settlements on Arab soil. She is largely the author of her own misfortune and her superior fire power cannot win the peace.

  2. Israel is not the author of her own misfortune. Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East surrounded by 45 million Arabs in Autocratic states. There are children from the age of two that are taught to hate Israel and to throw her into the sea. That hatred is espcially taught in the West Bank and Gaza as well as surrounding nations. That is what is fundamentally wrong and as Christians we need to remember to pray for Israel(Psalm 122:6) pray for the salvation of Jews, salvation of Arabs and bless her (Israel) if we can (Gen 12:3). Failiure to do so may result in Christ not knowing us (Matt 25:44-46).

  3. I cannot help feeling that having been invaded once, Israel now wants a buffer zone, especially surrounded by agressive neighbours (some less so than others) as she is. I think that the Israelies have shown much constraint in their dealings with constant nuisance attacks to their borders.

  4. This does not take into account Arab flight from persecution as in Libya