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Friday, 6 May 2011


HERE is a brief opportunity to hear Dr Michael Mosley describe the process of human conception with the most amazing graphics and intra-utero pictures you will see.
Use of words like 'miraculous' make this a refreshing antidote to David Attenborough's tedious banging on the evolution drum.  It is spoilt by just one observation that parts of our throat while growing in the womb have 'gill slits' and indicate that we were descended from fish.
This twaddle is straight from the fraudulent German evolutionist Ernst Haeckel who published a series of dodgy woodcuts in the late 1860s.  It was rubbished within months of its publication.  Well, Mosley is a pschiatrist, not an obstetrician.
But that aside, this was a testament to the Psalmist who observed that we are 'fearfully and wonderfully made.'  Catch 'Inside the Human Body' if you can before it goes off air.
And in a world where we are more often finding cause to complain rather than to commend, it could be worth dropping the BBC a line using THIS PAGE on their website. 

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