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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


This is the text of our leaflet about halal food which we are distributing at Wembley on match days.  We meet at Wembley Park Tube at the foot of the stairs before moving down to Olympic Way to distribute the leaflets around three hours before every match from March to the end of the season in June.  Our campaign begins with England v Ghana, takes in the JPT and Carlsberg matches, the FA Cup (14th May), the Champions League (28th May), the npower playoffs on May Bank Holiday Monday, and England v Switzerland on 4th June.

Don't forget to sign our petition at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/labelhalal/

Text of leaflet:


Britain's most famous sporting venue is selling halal food in its on-site take-aways and hoping you don't notice.
A Football Association spokesman told us that if you buy fried chicken or any lamb products at Wembley Stadium, you could easily be eating meat from an animal ritually slaughtered in the name of Allah.
We asked the FA to confirm in writing that the beef burgers at Wembley are not halal.  They refused.
In the name of Allah
They would not even say if their halal chicken, lamb and any beef on sale is stunned before slaughter.  Even if it is, that is not the point.
A Muslim slaughterman still chants 'Bismillah Allahu Akbar' (meaning 'In the name of Allah, Allah is the greatest') over each halal animal killed, sacrificing it to Allah.  Anyone buying halal meat will be eating Sharia Law.
'Halal' is an Arabic word which means 'lawful' for Muslims to eat.  It is the opposite of 'haram' which means unlawful.  (Alcohol and pork are always 'haram' for Muslims.)
None of the halal food at Wembley is labelled. Muslim food is being served up secretly in our national football stadium.
They rely on our ignorance
But even if it was labelled, it would still be 'take it or leave it'.  Supposing you don't fancy a sausage roll or a bacon sandwich?
Wembley rely on public ignorance to get away with it.  If we start to question them and boycott anything which might be halal, they will change.
If there is going to be halal food at all at Wembley, it should be only available on request.
Koran denies the truths of Christianity
The Koran denies the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, denies that Jesus can forgive sins, and denies that he is to be worshipped or that he can be prayed to.
The Koran says that Allah has begotten no son.  But the Bible records Almighty God saying of Jesus: 'This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.  Hear him.'  Obviously, Allah is not the same as Almighty God.
Halal meat is sacrificed to an idol
For Christians, halal meat has been offered to another god - or idol - and the Bible warns strongly against it.  Refusing halal meat, for Christians, is an act of witness to those who do not believe.
But even those of no faith can rightly object to their take-aways at Wembley having been dedicated to Allah according to Islamic law.
The issue is creeping Islamification in Britain today.  Why should a 4% -5% minority dictate how our meat is slaughtered?   Why should aspects of Sharia (the Arabic word for 'law') be imposed on British people?
Islam is given concession after concession
We are getting too used to stories about Muslim bus drivers refusing to allow guide dogs on board, Muslim supermarket checkout girls refusing to serve alcohol, or describing a Bible as 'dirty', of women-only sessions for Muslims at local swimming pools, of areas in our towns and cities which are Muslim-only.
We are hearing that halal meat is being fed to all pupils in schools, hospitals and prisons, and now halal meat is being secretly imposed on fans at Wembley.
What will save our nation?
We need to stand up for Britain's Christian heritage and pray that God will stem the tide of immorality and Islam in our nation.
We want a nation where our politicians are men of honour, where children respect their elders and young people respect human life, where men and women keep the vows they make on their wedding day, where perversion is not part of our culture, where our streets are safe to walk in and where the womb becomes again the safest place on God's earth.
We are all responsible to God
We believe God made the world and gave mankind laws to live by.  We sin when we break God's Commandments, by murder, stealing, lying, worshipping idols, blaspheming, disrespecting parents, adultery, envy, lust and all sexual sin.
We are all responsible to God for the way we live our lives.  When you work, you expect your wages; it's what you have earned. But the Bible says 'The wages of sin is death'.
Jesus is a man's man.
We get too used to pictures of a meek and mild Jesus holding a lamb.  Yes, Jesus is compassionate and kind, merciful and forgiving, but these are masculine qualities.
Jesus was and is a man's man.  He told a bunch of fishermen to follow him; and they did.  He drove money changers out of the temple in Jerusalem with a whip.  In the end, knowing that the only way to gain forgiveness for mankind was to offer himself for our sins, Jesus allowed himself to be crucified, nailed to a cross, hung up to die in agony.  A man doesn't get much tougher than that.
Power to rise from the dead
Jesus said he had the power to lay down his life and the power to take it up again.  And he did, rising from the dead on the first Easter Sunday.  That proved he was God in the flesh, and that he had the power to forgive sin and give us a new life. The Bible says: 'The gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.'
'The way, the truth and the life'
You can't cover your own sin, or rely on the good you do.  Only Jesus Christ is the way to heaven.  He said: 'I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.'
Where will you spend eternity?  Because God is good, no sin is tolerated in heaven.  We have all sinned.  Only Jesus can forgive your sin, and save you from hell.  Turn to him today.
Complain to Wembley
See the back page for who to complain to about halal food at Wembley.  Our advice is, if you don't get an assurance from the catering staff that the food on sale is not halal, don't eat it.  And tell them why.

Bible quotations are from the Authorised Version:
Luke 9:35; John 14:6; Romans 6:23


If you buy chicken, lamb or even beef take-away food at Wembley, chances are you are eating meat which is 'halal', sacrificed to Allah by a Muslim slaughterman chanting 'Allahu Akbar' over it.
Our advice is, if you don't get an assurance from Wembley catering staff that the food on sale is not halal, don't eat it.  And tell them why.
Read more inside ...

What to do:
Complain to the catering staff at Wembley today and then to: Managing Director, Mr Roger Maslin, Wembley Stadium, Empire Way, WEMBLEY, Middlesex HA9 0WS. Phone: 020 8795 9000.

See our halal videos with all this information at http://www.youtube.com/ , channel: christianvoiceuk

Phone/txt: 01994 484544 / 07931 490050
Spring 2011


  1. No comments? Is nobody interested in this issue? I don't believe what I am seeing. This indifference and ignorance will cost us our freedom.

  2. It is a well presented leaflet with a good message that exposes Halal and encourages Christianity.
    Secularism will not have an answer to Islam... Muslims believe they are right and secularists are unsure whether they are wrong.
    No other religion should have parity with Christianity in out country.

  3. Vote with your feet, as I do. Buy only products which would offend Muslims.

    When I saw a girl on the till in M&S handle my food as if it were poison, I realised that I wasn't unjustified in doing so.

    Bacon sandwich anyone?

  4. Why are we being deceived?

    Appeasement again!