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Wednesday, 2 March 2011


This was the title of an email from American pro-family activist Scott Lively in the aftermath of the killing of Ugandan homosexual activist David Kato, beaten to death with a hammer in his own home.  It was the saddest of ends to the sad life of the diminutive Kato.  Why is Uganda so important to the gay lobby?  Scott Lively offers this explanation:

'Uganda is the only country in the world with a national holiday commemorating its rejection of sexual perversion. Every June 3 it honors the 22 young men and boys who were tortured and roasted alive in 1886 by homosexual King Mwanga, because they refused to submit to sodomy.  Is it any wonder, then, that Uganda has reacted violently against the army of agitators, led by George Soros, who now seek to re-homosexualize Ugandan culture?'

Except it hasn't.  It has reacted, but not violently (and more of George Soros in a minute). Anyway, the anti-Christian media jumped on the Kato murder, blaming it on Ugandan 'homophobia', stoked up, most claimed, by a visit Lively made to Uganda in 2009.  Kato's picture appeared some months before his murder in a Ugandan magazine called 'Rolling Stone', which called for him and other gay activists to be hanged.  It seemed easy to blame the murder on 'homophobes'.

Godless Ekklesia led the way in the UK, quoting the Bishop in charge of the 'Episcopal Churches in Europe', a fringe liberal denomination with a grand total of eight parishes across the whole of Europe:
'David Kato paid the ultimate price for being gay in Uganda. A leader of Sexual Minorities Uganda, which seeks to change fellow citizens’ minds about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people, he was murdered in his home in Mukono, Uganda, on 26 January 2010. He had been targeted as a “top homosexual” in a national newspaper last October.
'The fear and hatred that inspired David’s killers are not confined to the uneducated. Recently, a lawmaker proposed legislation that would make homosexual sex a capital crime in certain cases. The churches in Uganda have been slow to act. In fact, reports from David Kato’s funeral affirm that an Anglican priest loudly interrupted the service to condemn “ungodliness,” which led to the villagers refusing to bury his body. His friends had to haul his body to the grave and inter him themselves.'

Annoyingly for the worldwide gay lobby, the truth then came out.  Kato was not killed by 'homophobes', he was murdered by a homosexual prostitute, in a dispute about payment for two days of what we might delicately call sexual services.  As the Guardian reluctantly put it on 2nd February 2011:
'Enock Nsubuga was arrested yesterday in Mukono, outside Kampala, not far from where Kato was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in his home last week. A police spokesman said Nsubuga's confession proved the killing was unrelated to Kato's work as a campaigner in Uganda, where homophobia is widespread.
'"It wasn't a robbery and it wasn't because Kato was an activist," police spokesman Vincent Ssetake told Reuters. "It was a personal disagreement but I can't say more than that."'

Nsubuga was apparently given a home by Kato when he came out of prison and a job as a gardener and part-time rent-boy.  Kato could afford all this because of his Western connections.  According to CNN:
'The head of Uganda's national police, Kale Kayihura, said Thursday in the capital, Kampala, that Nsubuga was an ex-convict who had been working in Kato's garden at the time of the activist's death.
'After being detained, Nsubuga admitted to killing Kato and explained why he did so, according to Kayihura.
According to the suspect, Kato, 46, promised to pay Nsubuga money for having sex with him. But Kato never followed through. An angered Nsubuga told police that he then took a hammer from the bathroom and fatally beat Kato.'

The fact that Ugandans are not going around murdering homosexuals has been it more difficult for those who wish to claim asylum in the UK on the grounds of their alleged homosexual.  A Ugandan women who claimed to be a lesbian in fear of violence and sought asylum in the UK when her normal UK visa ran out came unstuck when she could not remember the surname, age, employer or other details of a woman called Janet with whom she claimed she had a six-year relationship in Uganda.
Neither could she describe a lesbian bar in London that she claimed she visited regularly, reported The Sunday Telegraph last month.  A court concluded she was not a lesbian at all.

Brenda Namigadde's adroit lawyers are now claiming that she might get set upon in Uganda not because she is a lesbian but because people might think she is after all the publicity.  It is more likely that she will either be despised and ignored as a liar or commended for her enterprise.

Sexual Minorities Uganda and its two constituent bodies, Icebreakers Uganda and Integrity Uganda all appear to have been financially supported by George Soros's Open Society.  They are mentioned in the Open Society Report: Sexual Health and Rights Project (SHARP) amongst LGBT Groups in East Africa.  It is a fact that pro-sodomy and pro-abortion NGO's in Africa could not exist without Western money, with Soros's Open Society, the Ford Foundation and Jon Stryker's Arcus Foundation leading the way.  More about them at another time.

PRAY: Thank God that politicians and clergy are standing firm in Uganda and resisting Western evils of promiscuity and homosexuality.  Pray that the flow of Western money promoting immorality will be stopped.  Pray for David Kato's murderer, that he will repent and turn to Christ.  Sadly, it is a bit late to pray for David Kato now...

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