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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


THE SUNDAY EXPRESS reports that record numbers of children in care are calling ChildLine to report abuse and neglect. More than 3,000, some as young as five, contacted the help­line last year to report ­serious failings and weaknesses that included physical and sexual abuse, according to NSPCC research.
This represents one in 26 of all children in the care system and is a rise of more than 30 per cent over the past five years. ChildLine says most children do not seek help and the calls are the tip of the iceberg.
'There has been a surge in children taken into care since the case of Baby Peter ­Connelly two years ago, together with an ­appalling lack of safeguards to protect them,' says the Express.
In too many cases, social workers let the hard cases like that of baby P, with the most aggressive parents, slip by, and take children instead from vulnerable parents who cannot defend themselves and who have gone to the SS for help.  These are the children who go into a 'care' system where they feel abandoned and can be abused.  Meanwhile, Christians like Owen and Eunice Johns, who are far more likely to offer a loving home, are not wanted as foster parents because they might say something against homosexuals.
Other writers are noticing the threat to ordinary Christian families in the Johns judgment.  Alison Pearson, writing in the Telegraph, asks: 'If it were up to the local council, how many of us would be considered suitable to foster our own children?'
Libertarian Dr Sean Gabb has written in hope that the ruling elite will fall, but he concludes: 'For the moment, however, England is a country where Christians are fair game for harassment. I do not suppose that the case of Mr and Mrs Johns will be my last reason for commenting on this fact.'
In the Lancashire Telegraph, Kevin Logan wrote: 'At heart is a vital issue: can children now only be cared for by liberal, secular humanists and those who agree with the Big Brother Commission?'
The Sunday Express continues:
'Official figures show the number taken into care grew eight per cent in 2009-2010 to more than 83,000 compared with the previous year. Peter Liver, director of ChildLine, said: ­“Every day looked-after children talk to us about lives filled with pain and hurt. We hear from children who have been beaten or ­sexually assaulted while in care. Others feel abandoned or unloved by their new carers.”
'The charity has released the report as it concludes its Child’s Voice Appeal, Let No Cry Go Unheard, and is calling on the ­Government to make sure local authorities ­provide an advocate for all children in care.
The report, entitled Talking to ChildLine, records heartbreaking stories. Some ­children ­describe being “sick of life” and others say they want to “give up and die”.
'Nearly 300 reported physical abuse and ­almost 250 complained of sexual abuse. ­Almost 150 youngsters sought advice for emotional abuse or neglect.'

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