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Wednesday, 2 March 2011



A Christian Voice member writes:

'Hello Brother Stephen,

'I just thought I'd send you this email and give you an update on our situation, as you know we are still subject to a child protection plan for (our children) A+++ and B+++++ at Colchester Social Services. This as you know is despite all medical, psychological and the like assesments showing that there is no need for such a plan.

'We have found out today that the child protection plan, for A+++ especially, has had a real detrimental effect on her health. This we found out from the Asthma specialists at Addenbrooke's hospital, they have said; because of A+++'s Asthma protocol by social services (which took her Ventolin to below what she needs), that her lung capacity has been reduced by 30% and that they are extremely worried. So much so that they are going to write to the SS, the doctors, the general hospital, the school and every department dealing with us to try and stop this stupid SS Asthma protocol.

'All in all so far, we've had umpteen threats by SS, my wife is on strong anti-depressants, I have got a stomach ulcer and get panic attacks, A+++'s lung capacity has drastically fallen, C++++'s had her
private files open due to a gazumping of the Data Protection Act, we've been police checked four times, humiliated in umpteen SS meetings, B+++++ has nightmares of been taken away and to top it all we will be on the Child Protection register for 75 years. And all this because B+++++ said (to a teacher) there's a Heaven and a Hell and that A+++ dared to laugh in hospital.

'It seems strange that a department with an obsession to protect has just about destroyed my family, physically and emotionally without any hint of recompense toward us, not even a caring word nor even a inclining of an apology.

'I apologize for writing in such a manner but I am desperate to release all my frustration for this injustice and have no such avenue, save for Christ.  Any help, advice or correspondence will be much appreciated.'

This family is one of the lucky ones - they still have their children.  And the only reason for that is that they took a lawyer with them to the last 'Child Protection Conference'.  Not that the lawyer was actually allowed to speak on the family's behalf (!), but his mere presence as an observer kept the SS a bit more honest than they otherwise would have been.



  1. We all have a right to our (Christian) beliefs for ourselves and our families, but there are EVIL people out there who 'think' otherwise. They should bear in mind that Jesus said that it would be better that they tied weight to their feets and drowned themselves rather than face God's judgement on their evil and very perverse ways. Harming even so much as a hair on their head of the little ones is calling Judgement down from Heaven against them, let alone causing them any let alone huge emotional harm or suffering. Jesus said "suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto Me"

    We must fight this evil to the hilt, to the uttermost, with no thought for the cost to ourselves to defeat this terrible terrible evil in our own land.

    These sorts do not want to hear of Heaven because this also implies HELL where they are bound, for them . . .

  2. The journalist Christopher Booker of 'The Telegraph' has long been campaigning on the abuse of so-called child protection laws. Also the Liberal MP David Hemmings, despite many personal failings, has been strong on this topic.