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Sunday, 3 July 2011


Anti-Christian writer Symon Hill has now completed his silly walk 'repenting' of what he describes as 'his former homophobia' by issuing a challenge to this writer to debate with him in public. The challenge is accepted and I have e-mailed him asking him to name a time and a place.

Mr Hill walked 160 miles over the course of 17 days, amounting to less than ten miles a day, a feat of endurance for which he had to train. He concluded with a speech at the pro-gay Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church on Friday 1st July, before joining other spiritually-challenged individuals taking part in the London Gay Pride march on Saturday 2nd.

Symon Hill is associate director of the four-member anti-Christian company 'Ekklesia'.

Symon Hill said:

“The pilgrimage has been challenging – physically, emotionally and spiritually. There’s been some really difficult and disheartening moments, but also some truly uplifting ones. I have been amazed and humbled by the hospitality and generosity I have received from both friends and strangers.

“Most of all I have been swept away by the number of supportive messages I have received and the backing I have been offered by so many Christians. Many, many Christians want to reflect the radical inclusivity of Christ by promoting equality for gay and bisexual people. It’s vital that we stand up and speak out.”

Regarding attacks on his pilgrimage by Christian Voice, Symon Hill said:

“I have had thought-provoking conversations with a range of people on this walk, including those with different views to my own. It is disappointing that Stephen Green and Christian Voice do not wish to engage in dialogue but only to object to discussion taking place at all. If Stephen Green would like to debate with me in public on these issues, he only has to say so." 

Over to you, Symon Hill!

What Mr Hill described pretentiously as a 'pilgrimage' began at Carr’s Lane Church in central Birmingham on 16th June.  He used it to promote sodomy and what he described as 'loving same-sex relationships'.  There has been no recognition from Symon Hill that these are rare and any criticism from him of the rampant promiscuity, depravity, hedonism, pornography and superficiality on which the homosexual network relies has gone unreported.

All we need to know about Symon Hill's publicity stunt of a stroll is that it was endorsed by the pro-paedophile campaigner Peter Tatchell and twenty-two pro-homosexual organisations, including the Greenbelt festival, the Student Christian Movement, Accepting Evangelicals and something called the 'Bisexual Index'.

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