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Saturday, 9 July 2011


It was a line I could not resisit quoting:

'Sex has long troubled evolutionary biologists.'

The poor things don't know why it exists. If you have survived as one of the fittest, surely your genes do not need diluting with anyone else's.  Would it not be better to close oneself, or simply divide like amoeba.

But now, biologists have discovered that by reproducing sexually, worms were better able to resist the onslaught of parasites.  Sexual reproduction enables the species to stay one step ahead of the pests which afflict it.

Researchers took two sets of worms. The first set they genetically engineered only to reproduce asexually. The second set they engineered to reproduce sexually. The second set were better able to stave off the advance of some unpleasant bacteria.

Says the BBC on its website (8th July 2011): 'The researchers say the results are the most convincing evidence to date for a key theory in evolutionary biology.  The theory holds that sex evolved because it lets organisms reshuffle their genes into new combinations to stay a step ahead of parasites.' 

Sex evolved? Surely it is more plausible to conclude that sexual reproduction is yet another example of masterly design from the master designer, Almighty God himself.

That is because evolutionary biologists have yet to answer one very simple question. For every species that reproduces sexually, and there are millions of them, a male and a female of that species had to evolve simultaneously. They had to be in precisely the same place at precisely the same time in the vastness and aeons it took for evolution supposedly to happen.

The odds against that occurring are, to put it politely, colossal.  So if you believe in the myth of evolution, just how did it happen?

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