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Friday, 24 June 2011


We have posted a new no-holds-barred video on YouTube explaining why we were giving out leaflets to football fans about how halal meat is being secretly sold at Wembley Stadium.

It marks the end of a sustained spring campaign at the Stadium against Wembley's (and the FA's) arrogance in not labelling halal food on site as ritually-slaughtered.  The Stadium's lack of honesty means that fans would be eating food dedicated to Allah by a Muslim Slaughterman intoning 'Allahu Akbar' (Arabic for 'Allah is the greatest'), the same expression yelled out by suicide bombers moments before they press the button.

The campaign at Wembley started with England v Ghana on Tuesday 29th March 2011 and culminated with England v Switzerland on Saturday 4th June.  In between, we did not miss a match, witnessing on:

Sunday 3rd  April 2011:  Johnstone's Paint Trophy Final - Brentford vs Carlisle United
Saturday 16th April 2011: FA Cup Semi-Final - Manchester City vs Manchester United
Sunday 17th April 2011: FA Cup Semi-Final - Bolton vs Stoke City
Saturday 7th May 2011: Carlsberg Trophy - Darlington vs Mansfield Town
Sunday 8th May 2011: Carlsberg Vase - Whitley Bay vs Coalville
Saturday 14th May 2011: FA Cup Final - Stoke City vs Manchester City
Saturday 28th May: Champions League - Manchester United vs Barcelona
Monday 30th May: Championship Play-Off - Reading vs Swansea

As the nation's underpaid and over-worked footballers take a well-earned rest, we shall be gearing up for another campaign when Wembley's season opens in the autumn.  There are two matches scheduled for early August, but we may give those a break and start with the Rugby League Carnegie Challenge Cup Final on Saturday 27th Aug 2011 and then back to Association Football with the England vs Wales Euro qualifier on 6th September.

Football fans have been mostly appreciative of the campaign, with many taking leaflets and some coming back for the information after initially walking past.  Our use of a small good-quality portable public address system helped people know what the issue was before they took a leaflet, and minimised those dropped on the ground.

There were a few encounters with the police, after a couple of Muslims complained, but after seeing the leaflets, a quick radio call to HQ established that there is a right to freedom of speech in the United Kingdom.

The message was simple:
* Boycott the Stadium's halal food,
* Say no to creeping Sharia Law,
* Eat outside the stadium.
After all, 'Why is the national stadium of a Christian country selling Islamic food in the first place?  The answer is that is more convenient for their on-site caterers Delaware North to buy from wherever they can.

READ: Exod 23:24; Psalm 29:2; Isa 42:8; Matt 24:30; Rev 11:15
PRAY: That Wembley Stadium will insist on non-halal meat for its on-site takeaways or at the very least, that halal food will be labelled as 'ritually-slaughtered.'  Thank God for bringing this issue to the light and for the peace and safety we have enjoyed in the Wembley precincts.  Pray that Stephen will have a lot of support for leafleting in the autumn.
VIEW: The new Christian Voice Video at www.youtube.com/christianvoiceuk
COMPLAIN TO: Wembley Stadium, Managing Director, Mr Roger Maslin, Wembley Stadium, Empire Way, WEMBLEY, Middlesex HA9 0WS. Phone: 020 8795 9000. Email: roger.maslin@wembleystadium.com
You can still sign our petition against the secret sale of halal meat at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/labelhalal/

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