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Friday, 21 January 2011


It's that time of the year when a small number of twisted teachers are planning to corrupt the children in their care with homosexual propaganda.
February has been renamed Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender History Month and that means:

For Secondary Schools:
* Sir Ian McKellen coming in to say 'gays are different but we are all different'
* Staging the pastiche play Romeo and Julian
* Screenings of the pro-gay video FIT
* Discussions in PHSE of how homosexuals are 'discriminated against' (as if they are).
* Getting pupils to write pro-gay essays perhaps with the support of outside agencies.

For Primary Schools:
* Using the 'relationship' bit of 'sex and relationships' education to talk about how nice gay relationships are,
* Getting the children to read books like King and king in which a prince 'marries' another prince or And Tango Makes Three in which two male penguins raise a little penguin.  (The last is based on a true story of what happened in a zoo; the fact that one of the male penguins later went and got hitched up to a girl penguin is passed over.) 
* Using cartoons of sex acts.
* Showing pictures of two pairs of feet in a bed and telling the tots they could belong to a man and a woman or two men.
* Using Elton John's music to talk about being gay.
* Using the issue of bullying to promote homosexuality.  This last one is really bad, because talking up name-calling like 'gay' and 'lezzie' actually gives bullies a weapon they might not have thought of, and can result in a studious boy or tom-boyish girl being labelled as homosexual.  And that can become a self-fullling prophecy.

There is one bright spot: Right in the middle of February is Valentine's Day, which is now being designated a Day of Purity.

PRAY: For your children and those in your church or fellowship to be protected from this propaganda.  Pray for Christian teachers to stand up to the pro-gay pressure and object to 'gay lessons'.
ACTION: Parents: Ask the school head if there are any special lessons or events happening in your child's school during February.  Teachers can do the same.  Parents, teachers and young people especially of secondary school age can celebrate the Day of Purity instead and promote it in school.
THE PRESS: If you find out that something untoward is happening in a school, contact Christian Voice and also contact the local press. They will respect your anonymity if you ask although it is a better witness to go public.  The kind of school we are talking about often try to inflict gay lessons and assemblies by stealth. The two things they fear are Parents and the Press.  Using this method, parents in Waltham Forest succeeded in the face of massive intimidation in having LGBT History Month quietly dropped in the Borough.  But it won't make you popular with the school head.

Organisations and people promoting 'LGBT History Month' include Stonewall, (and that means Her Majesty's Government) Schools Out (scary Schools-Out website is here), Gareth Thomas, The British Museum and the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, who had this to say:
'LGBT History Month is almost upon us and it is an opportunity to learn more about the histories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and celebrate their lives.
'Until recently, the silencing of LGBT people was often reinforced by legislation and in some countries this is still the case. The history of those who have gone before us shows us what can be achieved when we say Enough is Enough to Homophobia and Transphobia.
'We must use every opportunity to support LGBT people, particularly in our families and in schools. Over the next few months The LGF will be increasing our focus on supporting families and providing more resources to schools.
'In February we will launch the Enough is Enough! Safer Schools Packs, because two thirds of lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils report homophobic bullying in English secondary schools.
'We want to get as many Packs into UK schools in time for May 17th, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia and the campaign’s one year anniversary, because every child has the right to learn in a safe environment.'
Paul Martin, Lesbian & Gay Foundation Chief Executive


  1. This is why we home educate. If only more Christians saw the danger of the SECULAR, ANTI-GOD/CHRIST education system - there would be Christ-centred schools popping up all over the place, but of course, it would take too much thought and effort for people to be bothered thinking about such things...

  2. I subscribe to these emails because as a Christian I feel it is important to listen to a range of Christian viepoints in order to try and disceren what God is saying to me and us. I Haven't posted before, but must say I am shocked that you have written about'discussion in PHSE lessons about how homosexuals are discriminated against (as if they are). I am also a schoolteacher and have had to deal with boys who have been beaten up just for being gay. How much more discriminatory can you get! There is always more than one side to a story. Our opinions on Homosexuality don't differ as much as you may think, but please listen to a range of christian opinion advice before you say things like this in the media and remember you are A christian voice not THE christian voice.

  3. Bullying is just that - bullying. It can be verbal or physical, both are bad. Schools should teach that ALL forms of bullying are wrong, not just about race or gender. That just clouds the main issue, and in the case of homosexuals, may well promote their "cause".

  4. What gets me is when they claim to be trying to protect young children from homophobic bullying at school. Erm, hang on a minuit - if young children are claiming to be bullied on account of their sexuality, isn't that an indication that they have been abused? Its all a load of baloney, the schools and the media have got no rights to deliberatly sexualise our children, they should let them have their childhood innocence, and stop pushing sex sex sex in their faces all the time.

  5. jlmn.tansley: You said: 'I am also a schoolteacher and have had to deal with boys who have been beaten up just for being gay.' You are presumably talking about adolescent boys a significant minority of whom (I think one study said 20%?) are unsure of their sexuality. In nearly all of these cases they will naturally grow out of homosexual feelings or crushes. But if they begin to be picked on for being studious or not good at football or whatever, they can end up with a 'gay' label which sticks and which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. That boy needs help and time to realise that he isn't 'gay' and that if he has homosexual feelings, there is probably some emotional trauma at the root of it. Of course any teacher offering such help would probably face the sack in today's climate. Tom and Zoompad's comments are relevant here too.

  6. Christian Voice comments: 22 Jan 2011 (above)
    I couldn't agree more, I remember when I was a young girl age 7, I loved my best friend Heather so much we used to swop clothes. Of course I am not 'gay', it was a natural part of growing up and in those days there were,'t any vile homosexual vultures trying to convince me that I was a lesbian. Our parents thought our relationship was 'sweet' or 'silly', but nothing more, certainly they saw no harm in it.
    As for school bullying, pity teachers didn't give as much thought, time and energy to apparently 'normal' bullying. My delightful little Aspie son was bullied so much at school from age 5yrs to 7yrs that he was self-harming and saying he wanted to kill himself. Despite heaps of evidence nothing was done, teachers denied the bullying and said any problems were my fault because we had no TV (who trains these idiots, eeerm sorry 'experts'??)
    I now home educate and my child started GCSE's at 10 yrs old, he is happy, safe and actually educated, he has a great sports life and social life - our lovely home-education inspector says he does too much work (some Aspies need the extra stimulation). The nasty thing about bullying that is ignored by teachers and the LEA is that many parents don't know there IS an alternative. I removed my child from school and the LEA (who didn't want to deal with bullying) said they'd take me to court. I told them to get on with it as I could discuss the bullying in the proper place eg a court room. The LEA didn't bother taking me to court but neither did they suggest home-education.
    So why is so much money and time being spent on 'homophobic' bullying when in general schools ignore any bullying. Are these so called homosexual children more important than every other child.
    I don't think there are really young homosexual children, but if you hear something often enough you'll believe it...!!

  7. If teaching perversion isn't bad enough they intend playing elton john's songs to primary school children - hope they remember the sick bags!

  8. I am disappointed to hear of any child being bullied and parents not being listened to, but please don't say all schools ignore the problem. Mine doesn't. I hear what people say, and agree every child who is bullied needs help. But it would encourage me as a teacher to hear that Christians are willing to support me by supporting our schools - We have a great team from our local church who do just that - take assemblies, listen to readers, run an art club etc. As for the Gay issue - whatever you think about it, some kids are attracted to the opposite sex and will be throughout their life time. Whether they choose to act on it is another issue. As a Christian I will stand up for any child being bullied in my class, whatever label they choose for themselves or is given to them by others.

  9. Stephen, here is a new ally. He is very influential in the world of blogging and I'm sure some educated comments from you will add weight to the debate.

  10. Anglichan, why don't you email me on stephen@christianvoice.org.uk