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Thursday, 20 January 2011


A Christian counsellor, due to appear before a Professional Conduct Panel for giving therapy to a homosexual man who pretended to be a Christian, is bringing in the police after at least one of her witnesses was threatened with violence.
Lesley Pilkington was due before a panel of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (“BACP”) today charged with unprofessional conduct in the two sessions she gave to campaigning gay rights activist Patrick Strudwick, who posed as a Christian struggling with same-sex attraction and asking for prayer and therapy.
But BACP have adjourned the case citing breaches of confidentiality after details of the case were blazed all over the media.
Lesley's legal team have challenged those grounds for adjournment, but asked instead for an adjournment to enable the police to investigate the witness intimidation.
BACP are furious that what was intended to be a quiet stitch-up behind closed doors is now being conducted in the full glare of publicity.
A formal complaint was brought against Mrs Pilkington by Strudwick, a campaigning homosexual journalist who lied about himself in order secretly to record two therapy sessions with her. Strudwick published his account of the sessions, changing Lesley's name to 'Lynne', in The Independent and The Guardian, in February 2011.
Strudwick quoted an article which had appeared in Therapy Today quoting psychiatrist and militant gay activist Michael King and attacking reparative therapy. A courageous reply by Keith Rice in the same journal demolished its arguments, but to no avail.
BACP were content so far, but when the Sunday Telegraph reported on the story on 16th January, naming both Lesley Pilkington and Patrick Strudwick, and bringing the whole matter out into the open, BACP took fright. But the flaw in their citing of 'confidentiality' as a reason for adjournment lies in the fact that Patrick Strudwick was never a bona-fide client or patient of Lesley Pilkington.
In the article Strudwick penned for the Guardian, right down at the bottom, he says of Christian therapists: 'But we are determined to root them out however long it takes. This won't be a battle. It's war.'
So that might explain why, no sooner had the BACP required all Witness Statements to be passed to them with contact details shortly before the hearing, and to Strudwick, Mrs Pilkington's expert witness Dr Dean Bird began to receive menacing phone calls, threats and intimidation, telling him not to attend the hearing.
It is said the German Nazi Party started life in a Munich gay bar, and that a majority of its early exponents were homosexual. Clearly, the methods of the Brownshirts have not been forgotten in gay circles. If truth is the first casualty of war (and Strudwick has demonstrated that already) then civilised conduct is the next.
By the way, if you want to know more the gay beginnings of the Nazis, you can order a copy of Scott Lively's book The Pink Swastika on the Christian Voice website.

1 comment:

  1. Ref the above: Has anyone heard the Dire Straits song 'les boys', see it on u-tube before it gets banned!!
    I believe one of their songs is now banned in Canada because it mentions ' faggots ' - why hasn't Mr Brains been arrested, pray tell?? This could have supermarkets in another panic....
    As for this Strudwick person, if the police did what he did (entrapment, with malice) the case would be chucked out.
    I know a bloke who wanted to have a 'straight pride' march (in Eng) and he was told by the Police that it wasn't going to happen. (incitement, hate-crimes etc etc) It's funny how various laws and trendy P.C. terms are seemingly only applied to benefit the few and obstruct and oppress the many.
    I think a 'straight pride' march would be brilliant and i'm sure a lot of other women would agree.