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Thursday, 6 January 2011


'The UK’s first gay dads to have surrogate children have announced plans to open a surrogacy centre,' reports PinkNews.
'Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow made history in 1999 when they travelled to the US to conceive twins Saffron and Aspen, now 11, through a surrogate mother.
'The couple now have three more children – Orlando, seven, and another set of twins, Jasper and Dallas, who are ten months old.'
The pair are now bouncing off the news about Elton John's designer baby to open the 'British Surrogacy Agency' in Maldon, Essex next month.
According to the Chelmsford Weekly News, Barrie said: “The centre will focus on all things surrogacy-related and will be the first centre of its kind in the UK.
“Its aim is to bring together intended parents with egg donors and surrogates along with sperm donors, and offer legal advice from qualified legal professionals.
“I will be responsible for the assessment of intended parents and the assessments of potential egg donors and surrogates, and for helping with all legal documentation to allow each couple to bring home their baby to the UK.”
The mention of 'legal documentation' highlights the fact that surrogacy - paying a woman to conceive and/or carry a baby - is illegal in the United Kingdom, as is choosing the sex of a baby.  There is still the vestige in our law of the old-fashioned concept that a baby should be born as a result of the loving union of man and woman, and brought up by both parents.  Not much of a vestige, but until we see major national repentance it is about all we have.
And when Barrie speaks of 'assessment' he refers to the designer element.  Most egg donors are young college graduates and it is possible to screen them for good looks, eye and hair colour, academic, sports or musical ability, affluence or any other characteristic deemed desirable in the gay world.  The fertilised egg is then implanted into another woman, usually of working-class background, to do the donkey-work of carrying the embryonic child to birth.
Like John and Furnish, Barrie and Drewitt-Barlow are millionaires and although their service will only be available to homosexuals with significat disposable income, very many fall into that category.  The expenditure will not end with the surrogacy arrangement and all the legals.  Babies are irritating things, interfering with gay life no end, so nurseries have to be built and nannies paid to bring them up.
'Barrie said: “Like any first, we have taken most of the criticism and the flak, which will make it easier for anyone else taking this pathway to parenthood.
'“There are many gay parents now in the UK thanks to the measures we took over a decade ago."'
Some gays may still take the direct route.  PinkNews reported in 2007 about surrogacy clinics in California, where everything banned in Britain - surrogacy itself, choosing the sex of the baby, etc - is allowed.

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  1. But if being 'gay' is so 'natural' why do they need to???