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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


A Christian therapist faces discipline from her professional organisation after a homosexual activist encouraged her to offer him therapy to become heterosexual.
Patrick Strudwick, a journalist 'honoured' by the bullying Stonewall group of gays for his 'investigative' work, approached Lesley Pilkington at a Christian conference run by the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality.
Strudwick told Mrs Pilkington that he was unhappy with his homosexual lifestyle and that he "wanted to leave it". He then requested "treatment for his same-sex attraction".
After two sessions, which Strudwick recorded, he unveiled himself as a fraud to Mrs Pilkington and reported her to her professional body, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
The BACP, whose chief executive is Laurie Clarke, have summoned Mrs Pilkington to a disciplinary hearing on Thursday 20th January at a hotel in Rugby. She is being represented by leading human rights counsel Paul Diamond.
Christian Voice understands that BACP have refused to call three witnesses who have been delivered from homosexual desires by Christian-informed therapy and they have also refused to hear Dr Dean Bird, an American expert who is coming over for the case.
In law, to refuse to hear a witness is to accept his written evidence, but it is unsure to what extent the BACP hearing, which is to be held in secret, will adhere to established principles of natural justice.
The fact is that the witnesses are living proof that Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) is a proven therapy. What the gay lobby hates is that it works.  And because it works, it exposes the foundation of the homosexual movement, that everyone is 'born like it', as a lie. That is why homosexual activists want to stop the whole treatment, and why they want to bulldoze the BACP into ruling that patient autonomy, that sacred cow of psychotherapy, is not to be respected when a homosexual presents himself (or herself) as wanting to change.
Strudwick told The Sunday Telegraph: "If a black person goes to a GP and says I want skin bleaching treatment, that does not put the onus on the practitioner to deliver the demands of the patient. It puts the onus on the health care practitioner to behave responsibly."
But being black is immutable. It is not a behaviour. No-one (except Michael Jackson) has changed his skin colour from black to white, but thousands of homosexuals have become heterosexual.
Of course, to develop Strudwick's argument, if a transsexual goes to a doctor asking for hormones and a gender-change operation to change sex, to quote Strudwick, 'the onus (is) on the health care practitioner to behave responsibly' and refer that person to a psychiatrist to get his head sorted out. That rarely happens.  Patient autonomy is respected in those cases to the point of expensive evil with surgeons mutilating the patient's God-given body.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists buried its own head in the sand last year with a policy statement which condemned conversion therapies. It stated: "There is no sound scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be exchanged. Furthermore, so-called treatments of homosexuality create a setting in which prejudice and discrimination flourish."
That was an obvious politically-correct point. Not many know that the psychiatry profession was targeted by gay activists in the 1970s and brow-beaten into changing its stance on homosexuality, which up to then had been regarded as an objective disorder.  See this attack on SOCE by the American Psychological Association, this convincing reply by NARTH and this round-up by Fulcrum-Anglican.   It was not evidence that changed the position of the profession, it was naked aggression. As a result, psychiatry is now riddled with non-sequiturs and logical absurdities.
For example, the self-satisfied-to-the-point-of-smug 'agony uncle' Philip Hodson, a fellow of the BACP, said: "[BACP] is dedicated to social diversity, equality and inclusivity of treatment without sexual discrimination or judgmentalism of any kind, and it would be absurd to attempt to alter such fundamental aspects of personal identity as sexual orientation by counselling."
Really?  Paedophilia and bestiality are 'sexual orientations'. Should psychiatrists not attempt to alter those fundamental aspects of personal identity either? What about other fundamental aspects of personal identity?  Violence or theft, or sexual predation, perhaps?  Of course, Lesley Pilkington is adamant that she is not passing judgment on those who come to her, and that is a sound professional positon to take.
Nevertheless, for the rest of us, is there not a time when we have to say 'such and such a thing is wrong'?  In Christian Voice we are bold and politically-incorrect enough to say that pressing the rectum into service as a sexual organ is wrong, dirty, unhealthy and pathological.
And we also say that a homosexual lifestyle means living the lie that sodomy (now politely called 'anal intercourse') is the moral equivalent of heterosexual love and marriage. Living a lie has a habit of expanding into the rest of life, until it becomes impossible to distinguish truth from falsehood, and lying becomes just part of what you do and who you are. Patrick Strudwick is living proof of that.

PRAY: That justice will be done and that the BACP will exonerate Lesley Pilkington at its hearing on Thursday 20th Jan 2011. Pray for the goodness and strength of the Lord to surround Lesley. May she know that Lord is a strong tower and that he is a God of miracles. Pray also for Lesley's legal team that they may have wisdom and humility and speak the truth with grace.

The trustees of BACP are:

The trustees of the linked BACP RESEARCH FOUNDATION are:

Interestingly, the Charitable Objects of the latter body are: (1) to facilitate high quality, high priority and independently peer reviewed research in the psychological therapies, based on robust methodology, for the benefit of the community and those who are the recipients of psychological therapy services; and
(2) to promote and provide education and information to users of psychological therapies, including commissioners and practitioners through dissemination of the outcomes of relevant research and to advance the knowledge base of the psychological therapies so as to maximise public benefit and protection through the publication of research findings.

So will we shortly see some high quality research into therapy for people wishing to change from homosexual to heterosexual? The APA couldn't manage it, so don't hold your breath!


  1. All the commotion regarding homosexuals does seem to be related to sodomy. But, or course, all male homosexuals do not engage in "anal intercourse" and some heterosexuals do engage in this practice. Do a search: The First Scandal Adam and Eve.

  2. Stephen, thankyou for exposing the unfruitful works of darkness under the light of the Gospel. I hope it is OK to reprint this in English Churchman.

    The Christian Counselling Movement has itself much to answer for as explained in the excellent books by Dr ES Williams. That does not detract from the wickedness of persecuting this lady.

    The best news is that while Christians are being treated like dirt we are not losing the war as the Lord Jesus has already won it.

    What is so tragic is that the wicked are being encouraged to go on in their wickedness and the wrath of God upon them is increasing all the time.

  3. I pray to the Lord for each 'homosexual' who gives up his sinfulness.

    I am sure the angels in Heaven rejoice also!

    Fraud or lying in this particular manner is against the commandment 'Do not bear false witness to or against your neighbour'

    I pray therapists offer the advice as needed by their clients. It is good to hear of any person who finds a particular unChristian lifestyle a burden and who wishes to genuinely change for the better!!!!

  4. Robert are you trying to say that Adam and Eve engaged in sodomy?? I think you need a new Bible!!
    I am a Psychology student and I can promise you all that 'social sciences' do not want Christian students. I have been 'marked down' for mentioning Jesus/Christianity in essays and have experienced bullying and attempts to intimidate me into 'falling in line'- leaving Christianity out of studies. My attempts to expose this discrimination have only led to further problems, but I only have another 2 yrs to go (part-time) and then will be making a formal complaint to the head of the Uni rather than the dept head (who incidentally refused to check my essays, saying instead that 'they trusted the tutors judgement'- very scientific!!)
    Psychology students are NOT supposed to use their brains, experience or beliefs, we're just expected to provide loads of course references.

    Dr Neil T. Anderson is a Christian psychologist as well as husband, father and pastor. His books cover homosexuality and many other sins along with normal daily problems, marriage etc. The books are full of compassion, sense, humour, wisdom, experience, truth, facts, love and JESUS. Well worth a read for all Christians and a wonderful alternative to most of the rubbish on sale thesedays.