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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


What we need is more leafleteers!
Two of us gave out around 1,000 leaflets to Brentford and Carlisle United fans going in to the Johnson's Paint Trophy Final on Sunday from 11.30am to just before 1.30pm.  Telling the fans what the leaflets were about greatly minimised leaflets being dropped on the floor.
This time, in contrast with last Tuesday, when approached by Brent Council officials, I told them what the law said and when they looked at the leaflets and saw that they were (what they described as) of a 'religious' content, they were happy to let us continue.
It turned out to be a very good-natured and appreciated outreach.
Many times we were thanked for giving out the information and many people, having walked past, came back asking for leaflets.  'Why should we object to halal meat?' we were asked, to which the response was and is that it is creeping Islamification, Sharia law by the back door, and people should know what they are eating.  And clearly, by refusing to say what is what by honest labelling or even a transparent answer to a simple question, Wembley Stadium have something to hide.
But we need another half-dozen people to give out the leaflets along Empire Way and also at the other side of the Stadium to cover those coming in from Wembley Stadium British Rail.
Everyone thinks someone else will turn up!  But the truth is, God honours those who put themselves out and do something for the Kingdom of heaven.
The next pair of witness days are the FA Cup Semi-Finals on Saturday 16th April: meet at 3.00pm (kick-off 5.15pm) and Sunday 17th April: meet at 2pm (kick-off 4pm).
Please PRAY for God to be glorified and for a good number of leafleteers to come along.  We shall meet at the foot of the steps from Wembley Park Tube.  If you are late, you will find us just along under the bridge in Empire Way.  But please be early rather than late.  Football supporters get to the match early to chat and chant and soak up the atmosphere.  It is not at all uncommon for fans to be there four hours early.
Please EMAIL or TXT me to let me know you are coming:
stephen@christianvoice.org.uk (spamarrest filter, but it's easy to do) or 07931 490050

Wembley football events March to June 2011:
8.00pm Tuesday 29th March 2011: England v Ghana  (DONE)
1.30pm Sunday 3rd  April 2011:  Johnstone's Paint Trophy Final  (DONE)
Saturday 16th April 2011: The FA Cup Semi-Finals
Sunday 17th April 2011: The FA Cup Semi-Finals
Saturday 14th May 2011: The FA Cup Final
Saturday 28th May 2011: UEFA Champions League Final
Monday 30th May 2011: npower Championship Play-Off Final
Saturday 4th June  2011: England v Switzerland

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