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Friday, 1 April 2011


Four of us witnessed to the good-natured crowds streaming down the steps from Wembley Park Tube on Tuesday night for the England v Ghana friendly at Wembley Stadium.
We gave out over a thousand leaflets to fans warning them against eating Wembley's halal chicken, lamb (and beef ?  Wembley won't say if it is or it isn't).  A few leaflets ended up on the floor.  Perhaps if we just had the issue at hand in the leaflet more would remain in people's hands, but we insist on putting the Gospel in as well.  After all, we're Christians.  And it is that which makes it an evangelistic prophetic witness.
It was a great carnival atmosphere as London's ex-pat Ghana community turned out in full musical force for a match played with great spirit between two evenly-matched teams and which ended 1-1.
Our witness ended in a draw as well, when after an hour's work, a tall male individual purporting to be a Brent Council official, who was accompanied by a police officer, told us to stop leafleting and took the leaflets we had in our hands.  He said we needed a license to give out literature and that on a match day we wouldn't get one.  So we ended the witness.
But the man was wrong.
The Brent Council website actually states: 'The distribution of free literature in Brent is controlled by the London Local Authorities Act 1994. Brent Council may designate roads, car parks, recreation grounds, etc. as places where free literature may not be distributed without the Council's consent. Literature that is being sold in the street is covered by the London Local Authorities Act 1990 as amended by the 1994 Act.
'Free literature means any newspaper, document, card or other literature for which no charge is made and which contains or comprises of an advertisement for commercial gain.'
The last sentence is is a direct quote from Section 4 (14) of the London Local Authorities Act 1994.
The literature we were giving out did not contain or comprise of an advertisement for commercial gain and therefore its seizure and compelling us to stop distribution was unlawful and a breach of our rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly for which, naturally, we reserve the right to take further action against the Borough.
The London Borough of Brent, Wembley Stadium and all the forces trying to impose Sharia halal meat on the United Kingdom can take notice that we shall be distributing our leaflets again on Sunday 3rd April from 11.30am, this time unmolested by Brent Licensing officialdom!
The occasion is the Johnson's Paint Trophy Final between Brentford and Carlisle United which kicks off at 1.30pm.
Please PRAY that, even though it's Mothering Sunday, a good number of leafleteers will come along on Sunday to meet at the foot of the steps from Wembley Park Tube at 11.30.
Following that will be the FA Cup semi finals on Saturday 16th April: meet at 3.00pm (kick-off 5.15pm) and Sunday 17th April: meet at 2pm (kick-off 4pm).

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