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Friday, 1 April 2011


WIth the news that the morning-after abortion pill is going to made available free in Wales, and this at a time of cut-backs, stand by for more unwanted pregnancies, more abortion referals to the abattoirs in Liverpool and Birmingham and more infertility.
Why?  Because the decision brings in its wake a culture where sex is entirely problem-free.  'Why worry about it?' the boy will tell his reluctant girl-friend.  'You can always get rid of it free tomorrow.'
As Josephine Quintavalle, founder of Comment on Reproductive Ethics (Core), said to BBC Wales: "It's absolutely the wrong way to address the problems of high rates of teenage pregnancy in Wales. The idea that young girls can just walk into a chemist will mean they become even less responsible about sexuality.
And yes, of course it will be available to under-16s.
PRAY: That this decision will become an election issue and that it will be reversed.  Pray for nore positive Christian outreach to young people.
WRITE: To your Assembly Member if you live in Wales, and ask your Assembly Member to agree with you that this is the wrong way to go about reducing teenage pregnancies in Wales.  Ask your AM to ask the Health Minister, Edwina Hart, what targets she has set for reduction in unmarried teenage pregnancies as a result of this decision, how she is measuring teenage infertility, and what she expects to be the impact on teenage infertility as a result of this decision and what measures she has put in place to monitor the rise.
Amazingly, the National Assembly website gives neither a search facility to find your AM, nor any contact details or profile for any Member.  There is a list HERE.

1 comment:

  1. What the hell is praying going to do? That's the problem with religious people, they think talking to their imaginary friend will alter reality. Wake up. If you care about teenagers getting pregnant, drop the god bothering and help young people with education. At no point in your bible does it give an age limit on sexual activity nor are teenagers going to give a damn if you tell them that god wants them to wait until they are married. Drop the supercilious attitude, keep your beliefs to yourself and help educate people about STDs and the problems with youth and pregnancy instead of condemning them to an imaginary hell and wasting time praying for them to an imaginary god.