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Monday, 28 February 2011


In the February Christian Voice newsletter we carried a piece about Egypt and the involvement of George Soros in funding the dissident movements which have sprung up all over the Muslim world.
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We led in the newsletter on the issue of young non-Muslim women converting to Islam as a reaction to the decadence and moral bankruptcy of our society.  They are attracted to Islam's emphasis on modesty and sexual morality (for its own women at least). Why do they not see these virtues in Christianity?  Where is the Church?
But back to George Soros.  We observed that his support of 'democracy' in Egypt, through his network of 'Open Society' affiliates, is an invitation to radical Islam to take control of the country, with probable dire effects on the state of Israel.  Some of our members have wondered why Soros would encourage something damaging to Israel, seeing he is himself Jewish.  This brief article is an attempt to answer that question.
George Soros was indeed born a Jew, in Budapest in 1930.  According to his OWN WEBSITE:
'Soros survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II as well as the postwar imposition of Stalinism in his homeland. Soros fled Communist-dominated Hungary in 1947 and made his way to England. Before graduating from the London School of Economics in 1952, Soros studied Karl Popper’s work in the philosophy of science as well as his critique of totalitarianism, The Open Society and Its Enemies, which maintains that no philosophy or ideology has the final word on the truth and that societies can only flourish when they allow for democratic governance, freedom of expression, a diverse range of opinion, and respect for individual rights.'
Soros’s exposure to Karl Popper led him to set up an education and culture foundation in Hungary in 1984.  His website says he 'supported dissident movements in Eastern Europe’s other Communist countries, helping people to organize themselves at a time when popular organizations were banned, to voice their opinions when dissonant opinions were considered anti-state propaganda, and to promote tolerance, democratic governance, human rights, and the rule of law when a one-party dictatorship exercised a monopoly on power.'
We might say the fall of the Iron Curtain and the Rose Revolution in Georgia are good things, but nevertheless their protagonists depended heavily on money from Soros.  In 1993, he founded the Open Society Institute, explicitly named after Popper's work.  This 'has spawned a network of foundations dedicated to promoting development of open societies in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. To date, Soros has given over $8 billion to support human rights, freedom of expression, and access to public health and education in 70 countries.'
WIKIPEDIA (I know, but this is all well-documented elsewhere) says: 'In 2010, he donated $1 million in support of Proposition 19, which would have legalized marijuana in the state of California.'  'In 2008, Soros donated $400,000 to help fund a successful ballot measure in Massachusetts known as the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative which decriminalized possession of less than 1 oz (28g) of marijuana in the state. Soros has also funded similar measures in California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada and Maine.[61] Among the drug decriminalization groups that have received funding from Soros are the Lindesmith Center and Drug Policy Foundation.[62]
Soros also gave $23m to Democrat Party groups to try to stop President G W Bush from winning a second term and has poured millions into liberal and left-leaning advocacy groups. 
The Open Society, like the Ford Foundation, is also actively engaged in the promotion of immorality in Africa, funding pro-gay and pro-abortion NGOs under the counter.  The lack of transparency in Soros's dealings led to Russia passing a law to stop NGOs taking money from foreigners.
Now, I am not anti-democratic, although the Bible warns us in Exodus 23:2 not to follow a multitude to do evil.  The people should give assent to a system of law and to those who govern them (See Exod 19:8 and 24:7 - Luke 19:14&27 are in a rather different context).  I am just cautious about encouraging radical Islam anywhere in the world especially on Israel's doorstep.  But for George Soros, ideology reigns supreme.
Soros's fixation with Popper's 'open society' ideas has driven him to support dissident and 'pro-democracy' groups firstly in Eastern Europe and now dangerously across the Arab world.  Even if he had sympathy for Israel - and some Jewish people do not - my guess is that 'democracy' in itself is such a goal for Soros that the consequences now don't bother him.  Is he bothered by the rise of militant Islam?  Probably not.  Democracy is everything.  It has assumed the status of deity in his mind.
So much power in the hands of one man with such a huge bee in his bonnet ...

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