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Saturday, 12 February 2011


These are the rules for writing any letter or email to your MP:
1 Ask your MP to ask a question of the minister responsible.  This ensures you will get a reply.  Never write to a minister direct.  It makes your MP look redundant.  Kill two birds with one stone.
2 Be precise.  Do not ramble.  State the matter in the first paragraph and make each point concisely.  I always try to say everything on one well-spaced page.  If you go to three pages, you have lost the game.
3 Be patient.  Assume your MP knows nothing about the case, so explain carefully (but precisely!)
4 Be accurate.  Do your own research or rely on a group like Christian Voice who check everything.
5 Be legible.  If your handwriting is not up to it, type it or email and spell-check.
6 Be calm.  No ranting and raving, no over-the-top comments, no snide remarks.
7 Ask your MP to agree with you if the occasion arises.  This could be your question (see 1).
8 Keep to one subject.  If two things are on your mind, write two letters, a couple of days apart.

Letters are always written to your MP at: House of Commons, LONDON, SW1A 0AA
Emails can also be sent.  You need to know either your MP's name or your Parliamentary Constituency.  Both of these, together with email addresses may be found here on the Parliament website.  If you know neither your MP nor your constituency you can simply type your postcode in a box.  In fact, that is the easiest way to get staight to his/her contact details.

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