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Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Oh mother!
My appearance on BBC News last night commenting on Elton John's designer baby has sent the online homosexual rag Pink News into a fury.  How dare the BBC call on someone who opposes gay rights to give a comment? 
So cross are the gentle liberal free-speech-loving gays that they have a special page showing how to complain to the BBC.
What seems to have particularly got their Calvin Kleins in a twist is my guarded but critical support for the Ugandan people to pass a law to inhibit the promotion of sodomy in that land.  David Bahati MP has introduced a Bill into Parliament one of whose many provisions is to bring the penalty for aggravated sodomy into line with that for aggravated heterosexual rape, which just happens to be death.  I wonder if that makes it a 'gay equality' measure?
Bahati's Bill also prohibits the promotion of homosexuality, which is a big problem in Uganda (and in Africa generally).  Ugandan parliamentarians are discussing the Bill right now, in the face of intense diplomatic pressure against it, complete with empty threats of withholding financial aid.
Before anyone objects that Jesus Christ abolished the death penalty in His dealings with the woman caught in adultery, I pointed out the opposite HERE.  I don't like the death penalty any more than the next British-university-educated liberal, but every time I see a rainbow I have to remind myself that God instuituted the death penalty for murder 'in perpeptuity' (Genesis 9:6-16) and who am I to disagree?
The subtlety of the Christian Voice position is certainly lost on Pink News, who want homosexual men to be able to travel all over the world to sodomise boys for the local equivalent of a couple of quid.  Just read Joe Orton's diaries if you don't believe me.  Or look up the Spartacus Gay Guide to 160 countries.
Talking of money, millions of dollars, pounds and euros pour in from the West to try to corrupt African society, whether it is to promote sodomy, or lesbianism, or abortion, or divorce-on-demand, or condoms, or feminism or any other secularist con-trick.  It is sheer racist cultural imperialism, and we should be ashamed of it.
Curiously enough, there once was the death penalty in Uganda for an offence involving sodomy.  The nineteenth-century king Mwanga put to death a group of Christian boys who refused to be sodomised by him.  http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/459/437768  You won't find 'the gays' upset about that.
Homosexual activists seem strangely obsessed with me.  On 16th December I was invited on to BBC2's Newsnight to discuss Islamic persecution of Christians.  In the event First Great Western failed to get me there.
But here's a funny thing - my invitation onto Newsnight on Thursday night was big news for http://www.pinkpaper.com/, another gay campaigning online rag.  They immediately ran a story.  But here's something even funnier.  After a day, the article, fulminating about the audacity of the BBC inviting a forthright Christian onto Newsnight to discuss the persecution of Christians mysteriously disappeared.  On a search of <"Stephen Green" Newsnight> the Pink Paper was at the top, but clicking on the link drew a blank, literally.  A totally blank page came up.  The reference to the article had disappeared from PinkPaper's Twitter page, and all links were airbrushed from the whole PinkPaper website.  By the 19th, Sunday night, even the Google cached version link 'did not match any documents.'
So what was so newsworthy about my presence on Newsnight and why did the article suddenly prove to be an embarrassment?  Perhaps they realised that their hate campaign was becoming just a bit silly.  Here's the opening of what they wrote, dug up from http://www.ukgaynews.org.uk/latest.htm
"Pink Paper - UK:
"Homophobic Preacher Stephen Green to Appear on Newsnight Tonight.  By Peter Lloyd.   A Christian fundamentalist who openly condemns homosexuals has been invited to appear on BBC2's Newsnight, this evening.  The Christian Voice leader, who once claimed Hurricane Katrina was God's response to the advance of gay rights, has today issued a press release claiming he will be discussing the "persecution of Christians" during tonight's programme.  As it turned out, Stephen Green did not take part - he was "stuck on a train". "
Here is (was) the page: http://news.pinkpaper.com/NewsStory/4505/16/12/2010/homophobic-preacher-stephen-green-to-appear-on-newsnight-tonight.aspx
Best open it in a new tab or window - but I promise you, if Pink Paper haven't taken it down, it will just be blank where the article should be.  Maybe Pink News have a higher embarrassment threshold than their rivals.  We shall see how long their campaign against me lasts!  I wonder if it is a hate crime?


  1. Gay rights groups argue that they want equality with married couples for gay couples. But if you take a peep at the gay rights groups on the internet, well, all I can say is that you had better make sure there are no children around or anyone who is likely to be offended with scenes of nudity and immorality. I was shocked with what I saw, its all penuses and bottoms all over and they dont post pictures of anyone getting on a bit, so the appearance you get from these gay rights sites is that life ends for gay people after the age of 30, with a few wealthy exceptions of course. If they really want to people to treat them with respect why do they allow all that filth all over, what is that pink paper doing about disassociating themselves with all that disgusting exhibitionism?

    Calling a site a gay rights site and then plastering it all over with pictures of porn, men doing rude things with other men that if done at all ought to at least be confined to their own bedroom, not plastered here there and everywhere. And they also post up pictures from films of little boys, for instance the caning scene in Tom Browns Schooldays, and then make vile comments about the little boy actor who played the part of Tom Brown. What have the Pink paper got to say about that? NOTHING AT ALL, they are silent on those things, they do9nt want to talk about that stuff.

    You don't get the impression that the people on those sites really want to be treated in the same way as married couples. You get a completly different impression, and it is not very nice.

  2. Zoompad,You said everything I wanted to say!

  3. Romans 1 verses 18-32 are so AMAZINGLY accurate its uncanny.
    The Word of God states forth when humans stray from the patterns laid down for us (like health speed limits) we mess so many things up. We actually start destroying things.

    Congratulations for Christian Voice to stand when so many cower & seek to display the wisdom of Christ that men in their pride arogance CANNOT see.

    Please continue to proclaim the goodness of Gods love and not the fake twisted versions that are tidally increasing.

    Yet deep within the conscience men & women know that this homosexual activity is unnatural and perverse, truth exchanged for lies, & so many hurting men are led into damaging and dangerous life styles that end only in death

    The media wont hear the truth + but its the only way to dispell the lies + of course we dont expect them to listen with understanding hearts, such is the depth of pride and depravity, yet this should not prevent us from declaring the truth - Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  4. I know that this world has been full of evil and ungodliness since the fall of man. But surely the seething pot cannot be far off boiling point?
    How much longer will our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ put up with this? Even though I am not in the front line (I hang my head in shame) I feel with every passing day the constant winds of erosion of all that is good and proper,to the point that 2 Tim 3.12 is becoming applicable to believers in this once great nation. May God continue to bless this ministry

  5. There are various facts that need discussing in regard to 'homosexuals and lesbians'. The first would be my utter repulsion and disgust if I were so approached. In line with the gospels I would simply say No! But at the expense of feeling very degraded and revolted at being so asked. . . Secondly, I very strongly believe that ANY decent people do NOT discuss their sexual mores IN PUBLIC. I was unfortunate to have to suffer a college principal discussing her lesbianism at open staff meetings . . .
    The biggest problem in regard to homosexuality is that these people wish and strive to corrupt others. Further to this, they so disregard societies normal morals that this also influences other areas of their lives. Many of them also act VERY IMMORALLY in life in general. I lost my teaching job and career through the immoral acts of a homosexual. I said I in now way approved of homosexuality, actually detesting it (though not using the word detest to him). He did everything possible to make false accusations and distort the truth to cause me loss of support for my family. I also ABHOR AND DETEST so-called Christian Gay websites which are completely against ALL Good Christian teaching. There is no such thing as being Christian yet continuing in Homosexual acts and homosexual promotion.

    God and Jesus know the Truth. Bless the ways of Righteousness. Worship and Adore God!

  6. If anyone from pink news reads this, I used the contact details 'they' provide to send an email to the BBC House of Commons committee congratulating the BBC and strongly supporting the BBC including Stephen Green on NewsNight!

    All Praise be to God!

  7. We cannot argue with the truth its a matter of time. The truth will prevail. And all issues about Gay,Homosexualism will rest.

  8. It is so wonderful, to hear the truth being spoken out, I am involved with a lot of alcholics who are homosexuals and they are in huge pain and distress, we need to hear the truth so people can be set free, from this tyranny of abuse.

  9. I Cor. 6:11 says, 'such were some of you...' God's love for these people, like His love for each one of us, is infinite. We have to earn the right to speak into their situation. They are dominated by powerful demonic forces, and if we speak the truth in anything but love it will be ineffective.

  10. Steven Green is the most outstanding preacher of righteousness in the country - Sodomy is the most destructive behaviour and activity in the world -The Bible speaks of it as an ABOMINATION there is no other sin so base and wicked as it- it destroys people - family's - Nations and the church if allowed to get a foothold in it The LORD Bless you Steven, may God be pleased to protect you and your family and work. Jeffery Colin

  11. You got a mention on Biased BBC website.

  12. Hey Steve

    Keep up the good work of promoting the truth of God's infallible word.

    I know what it is to be hated - the freethinker (so called) hate me with a passion and have printed articles on their web site and in their magazine against me.

    However, Jesus did warn that His true followers will be persecuted and hated. Perhaps to be hated for the cause of God's word is a badge of honour.

    Kind regards

    Bob Hutton

  13. Hey Bob, I believe the Bible does say 'how blest are those who have suffered persecution for the cause of right' ' ' how blest you are when you suffer insults and persecution and every kind of calumny for my sake, accept it with gladness and exultation...'
    The insults and living in a world of filth (minority rule) does get very tiresome, but we are in good company!!