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Thursday, 9 December 2010


We have sent all MPs and some Peers a link to the video on halal meat together with a call for clear, transparent labelling and have received much support.  Sadly, one email struck a discordant note.

It was from Elizabeth (Liz) Baroness Barker.  It said:  'Remove my address from this mailing list forthwith. I do not wish to have my name associated in any way with you (sic) hate filled campaigns.'

Elizabeth Baroness Barker

In 2007, Lib-Dem peer Baroness Barker was campaigning for birth certificates to be marked "by donor” if the child was conceived with donor eggs or sperm.  The Government rejected her proposal.

So someone who wants people to know if they were conceived by a donor egg or sperm does not want people to know what they are eating.  The idea that Muslims should be able to access clearly-labelled halal meat and that Sikhs, Christians and others should be able to avoid it is 'hate-filled', according to the noble baroness.

Also 'hate-filled', one suspects, is the idea that the expenses of parliamentarians should be transparent.  Last year it emerged that the unmarried baroness, who lives with 'a friend' in a rather expensive pad in Merton, South London, had claimed she was actually living in a rented place somewhere in Sussex.  She could not say where, refusing even to name the nearest town, but relieved the tax-payer of a cool £19,000 a year over a four-year period.  The total came to more than £70,000.  The 49-year-old then flipped her main home address back to London.

Baroness Barker was cleared of all wrong-doing by the Clerk of the Parliaments after (I kid you not) she self-certified to him that the claims were above board!

Rank and file LibDems were less than impressed by the noble Liz:
One said:  'I hope Liz Barker will temporarily resign the LibDem whip whilst an investigation is carried out. If not, the whip should be removed. Nick Clegg has been criticise (sic) the other parties but action within our own party has been woeful.'
Another asked what she was claiming for: 'None of our London MPs claim for second homes, unlike Tory & Labour London MPs.  Sack her.'

All we are asking for is honesty in labelling our food.  What a pity that Baroness Barker finds such a concept so hard to understand.


Stephen Green, Christian Voice

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