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Friday, 3 December 2010

E-ALERT 3rd December 2010 - HALAL MEAT / ASIA BIBI updates

Christian Voice E-Alert - 3rd December 2010

3 WEST HAM PRAYER, ALSO TOMORROW (Saturday 4th December)

The Christian Voice HALAL MEAT VIDEO on www.YouTube/christianvoiceuk is being widely watched and approved and circulated.  The ONLINE PETITION calling for honest labelling is gathering signatures.  On the HALAL CHRISTIAN VOICE WEBPAGE are supermarket addresses and we also looked at the THEOLOGICAL POSITION.

Taken together, this is the most authoritative, informative, accessible Christian resource on halal meat on the web.  As 'wise men lay up knowledge' (Prov 10:14), please forward this email to your friends so they can watch the video!  (There is much for people overseas to learn from the video as well.)  All the links are also on http://christianvoiceuk.blogspot.com/ so if you print out and photocopy this email and distribute it in church on Sunday more people can get informed.  Pastors can also ask me to come to their church and speak on this issue.
PRAY: Thank the Lord that the video is being watched and used by God to inform Christians and others. Pray that the meat trade and MPs will understand the issue of the shahada said over halal meat.  Pray that they will receive a massive post-bag and e-post-bag on this issue.

One minute Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman condemned to death for allegedly blaspheming Mohammed, was about to be released by President Zardawi, the next minute the President's decision was overturned  by the Pakistan Supreme Court!  The march on Saturday 4th December organised by the British Pakistani Christian Association is firmly going ahead in London tomorrow 4th December.  It starts at the Pakistan High Commission, 35 Lowndes Square, SW1X 9JN at 12 noon, and ends at 10 Downing Street.  Just GOOGLE Asia Bibi or read the BPCA blog HERE.
EMAIL: (if you have not already done so) the Pakistani High Commissioner, His Excellency Wajid Shamsul Hasan on ss2phc@yahoo.co.uk (correct) to respectfully demand that Asia Bibi be released.  Address him as 'Your Excellency.' (Land address above).
PRAY: Thank God that President Zardawi of Pakistan has responded to calls for Asia Bibi to be released (well done all who have already emailed), but pray that the courts in Pakistan will fear God and allow her release.  Pray for a good turnout for the witness (at which I have been greatly honoured with an invitation to speak).

3 WEST HAM PRAYER: Saturday 4th December
Our regular prayer meeting at West Ham against the proposed 'megamosque' - and for our nation - is on the same day and will go ahead (or at least start) at 10.30am on Saturday 4th December.   (Many of us will aim to join the witness for Asia Bibi afterwards.)  With a Planning Enquiry in the New Year, there is much to pray for.  Finish time 12.30pm latest.
West Ham Station is on the Fenchurch Street line to Southend, and on the Hammersmith and City, District and Jubilee underground lines.  Check at www.tfl.gov.uk for 'planned engineering works' to the Tube.
Meet at the site where the Greenway pedestrian path crosses Canning Road.  Aim for Channel Sea House, E15 3ND.
From West Ham Station, turn right out of the station, turn right along Manor Road, under the railway bridge, under the sewer bridge and if on foot turn left into Leywick Street, then left into Abbey Road then left into Canning Road, which is where we shall be.  If by car, turn into Mitre Road which becomes Abbey Road, but you will need to park in Leywick Street and walk the rest or take a chance and park at Channel Sea House.
Although the 'megamosque' cannot now be built in time for the Olympics, we must pray into the planning processes and also begin to look forward to the 2012 Olympics as an evangelistic opportunity.
Do come and stand up for Christ whatever the weather and be challenged and blessed!  (Phil 1:27-29).  The meeting is always a great time of fellowship.  Future date: 1st January 2011.  Even if you have marked New Year's Eve with an all-night prayer vigil, stay awake for this great way to start the New Year proper!
PRAY: That Tablighi Jamaat will be exposed and its plans for a London base will be confused and thwarted.  (2Chron 20:22)

Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus (Rev 14:12).
The LORD bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought: he maketh the devices of the people of none effect (Psa 33:10
If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you (John 15:18)

Stephen Green,

National Director, Christian Voice.

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