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Monday, 15 August 2011


Please view our VIDEO and sign our PETITION to Save Africa from Sodomy!

A 300,000 Euro grant for the promotion of gay rights in Cameroon has led to a diplomatic rift, Christian Voice has discovered.  It predates David Cameron's declaration, exposed on this blog, that he will use British aid to promote homosexuality in Africa and the Caribbean.

The European Union gave the grant in January to a group of pro-gay organisations led by Cameroon's Association to Defend Homosexuals (ADEFHO).

But Cameroon's Foreign Minister Henri Eyebe Ayissi immediately summoned the head of the EU delegation in Cameroon, Raoul Mateus Paula, for a ten minute meeting to protest against the funding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) groups that "violate the laws of Cameroon."

The award of the grant has also prompted calls for the arrest of lawyer Alice Nkom who founded ADEFHO.  However, it appears the Cameroon Government may itself have recognised ADEFHO as long ago as 2003.

The grant award will no doubt make Alice Nkom wealthy and increase her visibility but if anything it has created a more hostile environment for homosexuals in Cameroon.  In January, three men were arrested in Cameroon and charged with committing homosexual acts.

In August 2011, another three were arrested for acts of gross indecency in a car.

PRAY that Almighty God will reveal the extent of the European Union's attempts to undermine Christian morality in Africa.  Ask your MEP (Find him/her here with email address) how much money the EU has given to Africa for sexual rights and reproductive rights over the last ten years.

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